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The basis and theoretical basis of VIP VIP membership plan


1. The realistic basis:

There is no doubt that since China's reform and opening up, an interesting fact is: from the sales career, to the end of the "boss", and the image of the enterprise, all over the country. It can be said that one of the dreams that sales workers can not say is that they are going to be bosses one day. Like "a soldier who does not want to be a general, not a good soldier", "the salesman who does not want to be a boss is not a good salesman". This is a reasonable 1 because China has become a buyer's market since China gets rid of the shortage economy. The sales elite enough to develop customers independently becomes the favorite of the enterprise. When these sales elites have mastered the customers and suppliers at both ends of the supply chain, the change of mentality inevitably appears, which objectively makes the dream of being the "boss" realized.


2. theoretical basis: the theory of division of labor and the principle of comparative advantage

Expertise can create value in a market economy. To make money, you must play your expertise, you must be on one side.
You are better than others and rely on your strengths to make money. People who have no comparative advantage (or business) are hard to get more than average income. The theoretical basis of the principle of comparative advantage is the theory of division of labor. The theory of division of labor requires everyone to do the work that suits him. You don't have to ask yourself to do anything best, but know who can do the best. If someone does better than you, pay for him, and do something better than others. Establishing and maintaining their comparative advantage is the fundamental reason for long-term profits.

3, the combination of theory and reality

Based on the above reality and theory, Shanghai mountain and Sichuan Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. put the professional dream of the sales elite as "bosses" on the desktop, and launched the "VIP" VIP members (hereinafter referred to as "VIP" members) plan, for those in the pump industry for years of sales work, with a certain terminal The customer group, the financial strength and the rich experience in the industry sales, the independent development of the market, and a strong desire to get rid of the fate of the ordinary workers who are affected by others (or team) a "career opportunity" to be the boss of his own. We hold the idea of "giving professional things to professional people". "Sales" outsourced, truly embody the value of "sales professional elite". At the same time, we also let the elites open their hands to create their own wealth, and really get rid of the psychological and fate of making clothes for others. And we focus on the professional fields of the manufacturers: developing market competitive products, improving product quality, providing professional technical support and after-sales service. This has completely changed the vicious circle of the past that there were nothing new to the salespeople except for the naked materialism. The company gave the salespeople not only their desire for material, but also their career and spiritual pursuit! Win-win model.


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