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Company Profile

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Shanghai Shanchuan Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a famous manufacturer and manufacturer of water pump, water supply and drainage equipment and pump control equipment. The total assets of the company are 150 million yuan. The mountain industrial park covering an area of 35,000 square meters is located in Songshan Industrial Zone, Songjiang, Shanghai. Huqingping Expressway, south of Laoshan National Tourism Resort, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
The company has 362 employees, 71% of whom have college education or above, 38 middle and senior engineers and technical engineers. They are dedicated to the new generation of single-stage pumps, multi-stage pumps, ecological water purification multi-stage pumps, and professional fire protection. Pump, non-blocking sewage pump, self-priming self-priming pump, marine pump, sand pump, mud pump, stainless steel stamping pump, etc., as well as pump control cabinet, pipe network superimposed water supply equipment, living frequency conversion water supply equipment, fire constant pressure water supply The research and development, production and sales of equipment, and its high-tech products continue to fill the domestic gap.
With "fast, accurate and comprehensive" as the after-sales service standard, the company has more than ten sales branches and offices throughout the country. The marketing service network covers all provinces, municipalities and municipalities directly under the jurisdiction.
The company is a member of China Pump Industry Association, ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification enterprise, China National Compulsory Product Certification (3C) enterprise, national industrial product production license enterprise, Shanghai health license enterprise, science and technology business certificate enterprise, country The fire inspection qualified enterprise, China Classification Society CCS certification enterprise, the national 3.15 quality credit enterprise, the national quality inspection qualified product enterprise, the national product quality supervision and inspection qualified enterprise, the first in China to establish the “Water Purification Engineering Research Institute” enterprise, the company owns The modernized complete sets of production equipment, with an annual output of more than 20,000 units (sets) of "Shangchuan Brand" series pumps have the strength to undertake large-scale pump engineering projects. Its domestic excellent design team, advanced production inspection equipment, and perfect production site management system ensure long-term stable and reliable product quality, and high-quality products have won good reputation among users.
Shanchuan Pump Industry will always adhere to the "excellent quality, customer satisfaction" sustainable business philosophy, with new products, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service to become a bright pearl in the new century.